Thursday, May 20, 2010


A recipe courtesy of coconutboogaloo on PT:

"SIIHB Stout" - extract/partial mash

6 pounds amber liquid malt extract
1 pounds dark dry malt extract

12oz chocolate malt (nutty, chocolatey flavor)
4oz black patent (adds color and bitterness)
8oz crystal 90L (dark red color, caramel flavor)
8oz-16oz flaked oats (optional: toasted in oven for 1hr @ 300 degrees)
** here is a good website which lists the qualities that particular grains impart. mix it up!

1.5 oz fuggles hops bittering
1.5 oz fuggles hops flavoring
** this is a versatile american hop - here's other ideas for hops. be aware that if you change the hop, you will need to adjust the amount for bitterness.

yeast: lots of options! pt'er howdjado says that american yeasts (like american ale, california ale) generally leave behind more hop flavor and british/irish yeasts leave behind more malty character.

optional fun stuff:
1 tsp. irish moss (clarifies the beer)
8-16oz lactose (makes it milky/creamy/sweet)
8-16oz cold-infused coffee (steep 2 tablespoons coffee per eight ounces cold water overnight)
cherries, orange peels, rosemary, anything you desire

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